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Our benefits

Congratulations on receiving your offer! Next to receiving your offer. We can update you on the additional benefits you will receive at Swapfiets. Besides that, we will clarify on some terms & conditions that are mentioned in the offer. Are you ready?

*This only applies to contracts on Swapfiets B.V.

Pon Pension

Pension contribution: 1⁄3 part for employee and 2⁄3 part for employer. The employee’s pension contribution per month is 10.46% of the gross monthly salary after deduction of the labour discount and the wage tax. No rights can be derived from this. For more info check out PMT website below:

Travel allowance

Travel costs based on €0.19 per km (from a commuting distance of 11 km).

Besides the travel costs you can also choose a Swapfiets at a reduced rate.

Contribution per month: Original maximum €1,50, Deluxe 7 maximum €2,00, Power 1 (E-Bike) €30,00, Power 7 (E-Bike) €50,00 per month.) Want to check out all of our models?

Onefit for business

16% discount on a OneFit for Business subscription for Swapfiets employees in OneFit cities: Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Eindhoven, Breda, Arnhem, Nijmegen. The memberships that are conducted via Swapfiets start every first day of the month. The memberships are purchased for a whole month (30 & 31 days). The membership can be cancelledevery month, in this case you have to cancel your subscription up to ten days before the end date. As a OneFit for Business member it is not possible to makeuse of the friend discount.

To sign up you can use the link in the offer or send an email to HR.

Our office

We are located in the most exciting part of Amsterdam. Close to the Javastraat and Dappermarkt. You will find yourself in a booming Modern-day office with all facilities you can imagine.

Address Molukkenstraat 200, Amsterdam, 1198 TW, NL

Are you ready!?