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Our mission: to make cities more liveable. Picture a city with less traffic, cleaner air, healthier residents, reduced waste, and bikes on every street corner. 🚲

Are you eager to be a part of this transformation? Explore our current job openings below and together, let's pedal towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Where would you like to work?

HQ and leadership

Discover our open positions in our headquarters and our available leadership positions in our warehouses, store and customer service.

Warehouse, Store & Customer Service

Discover all our available positions in our warehouses, stores and customer service around Europe.

Who we are.

Swapfiets is on a mission to make cities more liveable. That means reducing traffic congestion, increasing freedom of movement and happier, healthier people. Part of this mission? Declaring war on unnecessary waste. How? Through circularity. Simple. We believe this planet has enough stuff and think it's time to start owning less and start (re-) using more!

Our values.

Finding simple solutions for complex problems.

Growing with pace. Grow Swapfiets, grow yourself.

Being a team of champions, keep it fun.

Taking responsibility with our purpose driven mission in mind.

Our mission to realize more livable cities, is now B Corp Certified.

We believe in an ideal that’s bigger than just riding bikes. Our day-to-day operations must have a positive impact on our employees, our community, and the environment. That’s why we want to make doing good business our default by committing ourselves to a circular business model, favoring using over owning, and designing our bikes with durability in mind.

Store & Field.

Are you looking for a flexible job at the world's first bike subscription company? Do you enjoy giving the best service possible? And do you want join a fun team to make a sustainable impact?

Warehouse &


Do you have an affinity with bikes? Want to become the expert in making sure our bikes are roadworthy and safe? Or do you want to make a big sustainable impact on our logistic chain?

Life at Swapfiets.

Here is your chance to meet the team and read their stories. Find out how we work!

Our ride so far.









How we hire.

Want to read more about our process, our hiring team and the steps it takes to join us?

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