IT Support Employee

  • Swapdesk
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

IT Support Employee

Job description

Your Goal

You keep the Swapfiets-machine running. As the technical-know-it-all, you support everyone with an IT-related problem. You offer solutions asap and make sure it will not happen again in the future by giving constructive feedback to the involved departments. Cause you’d rather prevent than cure. You make sure this machine is in it for the long haul and keep it continue running forever.


Your Team

You’ll be part of Team Swapdesk - the backbone of Swapfiets. Whenever there’s a problem, this team has got your back. Whether it’s a customer, Swapper or even the CEO; they all turn to the Swapdesk with their question, problem or issue. And it will be solved. No matter what. Being supportive; that’s what they do, it’s what they are.


Your Tasks

  • Your on everyone’s speed-dial for IT-related issues;
  • You don’t even wait for these issues and bugs to come up; you can foresee and prevent them from happening;
  • You do this together with your team; together you analyse, solve and prevent issues and bugs;
  • You make sure colleagues can work on their devices and take care of supply and configuration of new devices and other hardware within Swapfiets;
  • You make sure colleagues use the right software to be able to do their jobs, and you make sure the software runs smoothly;
  • You take ownership over different systems and make sure they run smoothly.


Your Skills

  • You get a kick out of making people happy. Even if it’s with a small thing;
  • You love IT and have 1 or 2 years of experience with an IT-Service Desk and/or as sysadmin;
  • While reading this, you’re already applying. Multitasking is not a problem for you;
  • Talking about problems; you don’t understand what that means. ‘Problem’ is not in your dictionary;
  • You dare to speak out; if something can be improved, you say it;
  • You are great in English and if you also speak Dutch we are more than happy!
  • You’re available full time.