Allround Handyman

  • Team Fix
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Allround Handyman

Job description

Your Goal

Together with your team you ensure that everyone at Swapfiets can do an outstanding job with the best materials. All of this within an attractive and efficient working environment. From fitting, designing and repairing to building from scratch. From cleaning up to taking care of the beer to celebrate our successes. You are available 24/7 to turn Swapfiets into a well oiled machine. Together with your buddies you travel across the border of Europe in the Fix Bus, seeking our your next adventure!

Your Team

You will be working in a small and focused team, dedicated to the same goal. You are working in a youthful and energetic environment. You will be an essential part of the team as you travel together to all the new and existing European cities of Swapfiets. Get ready to discover Europe and all the special beers it has to offer!

Your Tasks
  • You provide a ‘jumpstart’ to new cities as soon as the key to a new retail store has been received. You’ll be busy with a variety of things, from collaborating over designs to the overall implementation.

  • You think about the standardization of our daily operation and you contribute to the development of products and working standards that facilitate this.

  • You give branches advice on the projects that they carry out themselves. From how to read an installation guide to how to use a hammer, you know your shit!


Your Skills
  • You have a great technical insight and are happy to get your hands dirty; 

  • Within your circle of friends you are known as the handyman a.k.a. Mr. / Ms. Fix.

  • You participated in technical projects, ideally you come with three years of experience in this field;

  • You are an all-rounder, super handy and you see solutions everywhere;

  • You tackle problems before they arise and you are ready to help others;

  • You have at least driving license B;