Fietstechnicus Lead Amsterdam Region (Westpoort)

  • Operations
  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Pays-Bas

Fietstechnicus Lead Amsterdam Region (Westpoort)

Description du Poste

As Mechanic Lead you are the link between the Warehouse Manager and the bike mechanics in the regional warehouse of Amsterdam. Due to the success of Swapfiets, the teams in the operation are constantly subject to growth and change. You will be the one to guide the team and make sure everyone knows what we expect from them.


You will join the warehouse team of the Amsterdam region and report to the Warehouse Manager. You will manage the team of 20 - 25 bicycle technicians and will work a lot together with a team of other Leads to make the whole operation in the warehouse run smoothly.


Your tasks: 

You will be the right hand of the Warehouse Manager when it comes to the mechanics and/or Swap bikes. This means that you will be co-responsible for:

  • The daily management of the mechanics, so that everything on the work floor runs smoothly; with you as a Lead, everyone knows what is expected of him/her.
  • The repairs and the corresponding quality of the Swapbikes; with you in the lead, the Swapbikes will always leave our warehouse 100% safe and shiny.
  • Helping implement new processes; your hands are already starting to itch to make improvements!
  • Safety first! You know better than anyone that safety is the most important thing;
  • Setting up the schedule; you make sure that there will never be another shift unfilled.


  • You've managed a team before and you get energy from this! You know how to motivate a team;
  • You don't mind being strict, should you need to be.
  • You are a handy Harrie/Henriette with technical insight. Do you have experience in repairing bicycles? All the better!
  • New systems are easy for you to master;
  • Everyone knows immediately what they can do with you, you always communicate openly and honestly;
  • You are constantly thinking about what is best for your bicycle technicians and the shed. Have you found a solution? Then you prefer to implement it right away!