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Customer Service German Speaking

Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam (HQ)Customer Service

Job description

Are you ready for your Swapfiets adventure?

Swapfiets is an ambitious and fast growing company! Your goal? Very simple: you make our members and colleagues super happy! Swapfiets stands for Service. You make sure that our 220,000 members and 1100 employees can hit the road without any problems! As a customer service representative, you are the first point of contact for our members and therefore the face (or voice) of our company.


Your workday

You arrive at our brand new headquarters on the Molukkenstraat in Amsterdam Oost and find a spot next to your favorite colleague(s). One of your colleagues has already brought you a nice cup of coffee and you check your inbox for recent customer questions while enjoying your favorite Spotify playlist.


After the daily standup, you are ready to start your day! You begin by speaking with colleagues and Swapfiets customers.  Questions have come in about scheduling / rescheduling appointments, store information, and you help a colleague who is on their way to deliver a new Swapfiets to a customer!


Time for lunch! What will it be today? A croque monsieur, soup and sandwich, or a fresh salad lovingly prepared by our lunch heroes. The rest of the afternoon you will do your best in answering incoming questions from our valued subscribers. As the day comes to a close you often join for a company bike ride or for a drink on Friday for the company ‘borrel’. You are a close team and besides working hard there is also lots of laughter!


How to reach your goal

  • You are the first point of contact for our customers,  the voice on the phone and the person behind Whatsapp.

  • You solve problems so that our customers can continue cycling without worrying.

  • You proactively help our customers even before they ask for help.

  • You work in a big team and there are lots of inquiries but, you easily answer with your experience and knowledge. In this way, you also help others grow in their career.

  • You document everything that is relevant, such as agreements made with customers and information for colleagues in our internal knowledge base.

  • Can something be done better? You come up with solutions and suggestions and you think with us about how we can provide an even better service.

Job requirements

This makes you better than good

  • Members are number one for you. No matter what

  • You are available for 24, 32 or 40 hours a week.

  • Helping others makes you intensely happy. You are already happy when you show someone the way on the street

  • While you are reading this, you are already applying. Multitasking is not an issue for you

  • "Problems"? No way, you only see solutions

  • You like to chat with everyone!

  • You have a good command of German and English

  • Experience with Zendesk is a plus

  • Experience in a similar role (customer service, customer care or support, etc) is a plus

What Swapfiets offers you

  • Your own Swapfiets (lend-lease) 🚲!

  • A pension plan and a discount on your health insurance

  • Lots of responsibility, challenging work, and friendly colleagues

  • Travel allowance (if you live more than 11 km from the office, otherwise just use your Swapfiets, right.... 😎?)

  • Delicious lunch at the office for a small contribution

  • Onefit for Business arrangement (to promote your healthy lifestyle!)

  • Learning programs developed by our L&D department

  • Lots of workshops and inspirational talks

  • One day off per year to do voluntary work paid by Swapfiets